Timo Design was founded by Timo Breumelhof, in March 2000, after he graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
Since then Timo Design has been designing and developing good looking and user friendly websites.

We develop most of our website in DotNetNuke and Timo Breumelhof is part of the DotNetNuke Core Team (open source development team).
Timo-Design is also a participant in 40Fingers a full service webapplication company.

What do we offer you?
We offer a complete solution for your Website.
Concept, structure, design, setup, education and support.
We can help with the complete process or parts of it.
We have a lot of experience with cooperating with other Design / communication companies.

Why Timo-Design?
Timo-Design will make sure your Website will have a professional look and feel.
Customer service is the base of our company. We use an efficient no nonsense approach.

We specialized in creating Websites where the owner is able to change his/her own content (the official term for this is "Content Management System" or "CMS").
This means you are not dependent on others anymore, for changes to the content of your Website.

By using an existing extensible CMS (Dotnetnuke) we are able to offer you a complete solution at very affordable rates.
The use of the system itself is free (no license fees), you only pay for setup and if needed extensions, education and service.

DotNetNuke Custom skinning / ASP.NET styling
Our specialty is converting webdesigns to a functioning CMS Website, but we can also assist you on parts of your project.
We provide a Custom DotNetNuke Skinning Service, we will convert your design to a working DotNetNuke skin.
We can help you converting your existing Website to DotNetNuke or provide styling support for other custom ASP.NET web applications.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ans Breumelhof

Community Services

Custom search page for the Dotnetnuke Forum and other Dnn related information

Codeplex project
A collection of DotNetNuke free open source skinning related projects that you can use to leverage your Skins / Containers.